SpArc Foundation partners with like-minded organisations to support improved health outcomes for all Australians

Why we do it

SpArc Foundation is about supporting greater health outcomes for all Australians with a particular goal of seeing a balance of gender equity and assisting in Closing the Gap in Indigenous health. The range of organisations SpArc Foundation supports is diverse, but the common thread linking them is each has been able to engage us in a way that sees us want to add value above and beyond just writing a cheque. Successful entrepreneurship requires so much more than just a desire to make money, it takes passion and a strong sense of purpose, and we view our philanthropic activities as requiring a similar commitment and focus.

About us   

“The Puuya Foundation has greatly appreciated the support provided by the SpArc Foundation. This support has allowed us to continue our good governance and work in the Lockhart River Aboriginal Community.”

The Puuya Foundation