Partner Information

Since 2018 the SpArc Foundation has partnered with Outside the Locker Room (OTLR), an initiative supporting sportspeople on a range of challenging issues such as suicide prevention, mental health, drugs and alcohol, and domestic violence. OTLR conducts education sessions at sporting clubs around the country, from grassroots to elite athletes.

OTLR trains facilitators to deliver these sessions, but also trains coaches and support staff at the community clubs on how to continue to support the young men and women they see each week at training and match days.

The program has been able to educate over 1000 youth and young adults throughout QLD, with further outreach provided to individuals seeking counselling and other assistance. The program has also been appreciated by parent groups as a way of opening up new conversations with their children around issues otherwise difficult to discuss.

In 2020, the SpArc Foundation announced a five-year partnership with the Brisbane Lions and OTLR to further support and promote OTLR’s program to grassroots programs across the Greater Brisbane Region. 

Media Information

SpArc Foundation’s New Partnership with Outside the Locker Room, Cathie Reid blog. 20.6.18