Partner Information

ManUp Qld is a community-based organisation dedicated to providing support for men affected by prostate cancer. ManUp challenges men to “man up” and overcome the stigma that is associated with proactively looking after their own health as early detection not only saves lives but can also preserve the quality of life.

ManUp has three main aims:

To share knowledge and raise awareness among men (particularly young men who think they are made of titanium and nothing like this will ever touch them)

Provide advocacy, education and support services to those impacted by prostate cancer through a program of dedicated prostate care nurses

To lower the rates of advanced Prostate Cancer in this country and save precious lives.

Man Up provides great messages encouraging men to proactively look after their own health, an area that doesn’t always receive as much focus as it needs, and the SpArc Foundation were delighted to help them with this important work.

In 2015 and 2016, the SpArc Foundation supported the ManUp van touring Queensland in an effort to raise awareness of prostate cancer, including detection, treatment and the need for better support programs for men living with the disease.

While Cathie and Stuart maintain a personal interest in the important work of ManUp, since 2017 the formal partnership has been taken up by Icon Group as a direct link to cancer care.

Media Information

FKG Group ManUp for prostate cancer team hit the road (July 2015)