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Girl Up is an initiative that develops girls’ leadership skills to advance gender justice worldwide, largely through its network of youth leaders in 152 countries. Girl Up works closely with both the United Nations and UN Foundation in their efforts to create equity for girls and women in spaces where they are unheard or underrepresented. 

Stuart and Cathie have been involved with Girl Up since 2014 when their daughter Sascha, then 12 years old, formed Australia’s first Girl Up club with her friends. In 2016, Stuart ran the Chicago Marathon raising awareness and funds for GirlUp.

In fostering girls’ leadership abilities, Girl Up encourages and assists girls in lobbying governments for change. Girl Up facilitated girls lobbying on Capitol Hill in Washington DC about the importance of birth registration, and The Girls Count Act of 2015 was signed into law, helping to ensure children in developing countries are registered at birth. This allows them to access opportunities that are blocked to those without a proof of identity and is especially critical when 4 out of 10 children are not registered at birth.

In 2023, Cathie was appointed to Girl Up’s Global Advisory Board.

Media Information

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