Partner Information

The Usman Khawaja Foundation (UKF) aims to alleviate disadvantage experienced by youth through the provision of educational and cricketing opportunities. The Usman Khawaja Foundation’s mission is to assist youth to engage with their local community by developing well-rounded leaders and increasing opportunities for participation in cricket, academic endeavour, social mobility and the development of networks for youth from disadvantaged communities, including from refugee, immigrant, indigenous, rural, remote, and low socio-economic backgrounds.

The Southern Rockets, our Century Cricket Competition franchise, is proud to have had the Usman Khawaja Foundation as our Charity Partner since 2020. The success of this collaboration paved the way closer involvement with Usman Khawaja through an alignment of goals and commitment to fostering change.

In 2023, SpArc Foundation announced a multi-year partnership which sees a donation of $50,000 each year, reviewable each August, to the Usman Khawaja Foundation.

This funding will assist the Usman Khawaja Foundation’s plans to conduct clinics in regional areas of Australia, as well as provide educational support to young participants. By channelling their collective efforts, the collaboration between SpArc Foundation and the Usman Khawaja Foundation is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of many aspiring young Australians, helping them reach their full potential.

Media Information

UKF SpArc Foundation Media Release – 23/08/23